Networking and Computer Systems


Our research focuses on addressing various challenges related to the modeling, design, and analysis of next-generation networking and computer systems. Collectively, we develop novel theories, algorithms, and systems for solving a variety of real-world problems that encompass multiple disciplines, including parallel and high-performance computing, coding and information theory, computer networking, stochastic modeling and reasoning, cloud computing, computer architecture, and wireless communication.

Our application areas span a broad range of industries from computing and entertainment to health and environmental monitoring. Our group members are actively working on massive distributed systems for storage and delivery of videos over the Internet, scalable and adaptive algorithms for enabling cognitive radio networking systems, limited magnitude error correcting codes for use in flash memories, efficient algorithmic and architectural solutions for large-scale data centers, and video compression and transmission techniques for next-generation multimedia systems.

Sub Areas

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Wireless Communication Networks
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Parallel Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Coding Theory

Related Courses

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  • ECE 669: Selected Topics In Communications and Signal Processing
  • CS 527: Error-Correcting Codes


Affiliated Faculty

Rakesh Bobba

Rakesh Bobba

Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Energy Systems | Cybersecurity | Networking and Computer Systems