The College of Engineering will lead research and innovation to drive breakthroughs that change the world. We will invest in, build out, promote, and advance signature research areas to address key global challenges — precision health, clean energy, resilient infrastructure, and advanced manufacturing and targeted strategic areas with existing competitive advantages — robotics, materials research, and clean water.

In fiscal years 2016 and 2017, the College of Engineering received $39.5 million and $55.6 million in sponsored research awards, respectively.

Momentum Research Video Series

jonathen hurst

Revolutionary Robotics: Featuring OSU Associate Prof. Jonathan Hurst

joe baio

Snake Scales: Featuring OSU Asst. Prof. Joe Baio

Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Watershed Solutions: Featuring OSU Assoc. Prof. Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Greg Herman

Biosensor Breakthrough: Featuring OSU Prof. Greg Herman

Wade Marcum

Nuclear Reactors: Featuring OSU Assoc. Prof. Wade Marcum