AI Seminars

Future AI Events

AI Seminar: Lipstick on a Pig: Using Language Models as Few-Shot Learners

Sameer Singh, Associate Professor of Computer Science - University of California, Irvine

Past AI Events

AI Seminar: Convergence Analysis Framework for Fixed-Point Algorithms in Machine Learning and Signal Processing

Raviv Raich, Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering

AI Seminar: Integrated Planning and Reinforcement Learning for Compositional Domains

Harsha Kokel, Research Scientist - IBM Research

AI Seminar: What's wrong with LLMs and what we should be building instead

Thomas G. Dietterich, Distinguished Professor Emeritus - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

AI Seminar: A tutorial on the Bayesian statistical approach to inverse problems

Cory Simon - Assistant Professor, School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

AI Seminar: Planning and Learning for Reliable Autonomy in the Open World

Sandhya Saisubramanian, Assistant Professor - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

AI Seminar: Designing Interactive AI for Writers

Ken Arnold, Assistant Professor - Calvin University

AI Seminar: Some Perspectives on Stochastic Gradient Learning and an Application in Neuroprosthesis

V John Mathews - Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

AI Seminar: Great Haste Makes Great Waste: Exploiting and Attacking Efficient Deep Learning

Sanghyun Hong - Assistant Professor, Computer Science

AI Seminar: The Data Pyramid for Building Generalist Agents

Yuke Zhu, Assistant Professor - UT-Austin

AI Seminar: The mathematics of neural networks: recent advances, thoughts, and the path forward

Mikhail Belkin, Professor - University of California, San Diego

AI Seminar: Microbial "Language" Model: Using Natural Language Processing Techniques to Understand Microbiomes

Xiaoli Fern, Associate Professor - Computer Science, Oregon State University

AI Seminar: AI can learn from data. But can it learn to reason?

Guy Van den Broeck - University of California at Los Angeles

AI Seminar: Symbols as a Lingua Franca for Supporting Human-AI Interaction For Explainable and Advisable AI Systems

Subbarao Kambhampati - Professor, Arizona State University

AI Seminar: Seeing outside the image: Space and time completion for video tracking and scene parsing

Katerina Fragkiadaki - Assistant Professor, Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University

AI Seminar: Data Science Consulting at AWS

Patrick Roberts and Neville Mehta - AWS

AI Seminar: Developing AI Decision Tools for Conservation

Iadine Chades - Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

AI Seminar: Reinforcement Learning with Exogenous States and Rewards

George Trimponias - Sr. Applied Scientist, Amazon

AI Seminar: Investigating Latent State and Uncertainty Representations in Reinforcement Learning

Anurag Koul - PostDoctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research (New York)

AI Seminar: Vulnerability and Robustness of Linear Bandits

Huazheng Wang - Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Oregon State University

AI Seminar: Causal Inference and Data Fusion

Elias Bareinboim - Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Director, Causal Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Columbia University