Leadership is for Everyone

The Leadership Academy will support your exploration of leadership by providing opportunities for you to learn and practice leadership skills, and meet engineering professionals. The program is offered at no cost. Engineering students in good standing are encouraged to join.

How to sign up?

  1. Press the signup/login button
  2. Sign into the portal with their ONID information
  3. Answer a few survey questions and submit registration
  4. The program will reach out to the student after approval

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Learn, practice, meet, repeat

Career exploration: You will have opportunities to hear from engineering professionals about their careers through one-on-one interactions and events throughout the year including presentations, workshops, and two signature events: Leadership Academy Summit in the fall, and Grow to Pro in the spring.

Mock interviews: You will have the opportunity to practice interviewing for a job with a variety of engineering professionals at Grow to Pro held in the winter.

Grand Challenges Scholars Program: Engage in research, interdisciplinary course work, service learning, and other experiential learning opportunities to address the world’s biggest challenges. By completing the program, you will become a Grand Challenges Scholar, endorsed by both Oregon State and the National Academy of Engineering. For more information, visit the GCSP website, or hear Oregon State students talk about their experience in this video.

Requirements of the program

Learning leadership: You will learn to be an ethical, purposeful, professional, inclusive, and collaborative engineering professional through 15 learning activities. You will choose three activities for each of the five pillars.

Mentors: You will talk to at least three engineering professionals about their careers. We can help connect you to your mentors from a group of professionals who have agreed serve in that role, or you can find your own mentors. As part of this requirement, you will document the interaction including your thoughts about how your conversation applied to leadership.

Career experience: You will work in at least one professional setting through an internship, co-op, or research experience. This requirement includes written reflections before, during and after the experience.

Leadership library: As part of the career experience requirement, you will read and reflect on at least one leadership text. Texts are provided in the library of the Leadership Center. Students can also choose texts that are not in the library if they first submit a request and receive approval by the director. Find resources and submit required documentation through the Leadership Portal.