Mentor meeting with a student

Inspire Future Leaders

We appreciate your interest in helping the next generation of engineering professionals. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Talk to students about your career over the phone or Zoom call.
  • Participate in mock interviews at an event in Corvallis.
  • Engage students in a workshop or presentation on a professional or leadership topic that has been important to your career.
  • Show students what it is like to work in your company by hosting an industry tour for students.

Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed networking and meeting alumni, whether that was at the annual Summit, on the Seattle trips, through mentor interviews, or just staying after each event to talk with the speaker. One of the greatest strengths of the Leadership Academy is its massive network of active alumni who all are excited to be involved and meet current students.” – Arek Engstrom ’19

“The Leadership Academy definitively gave me the tools that allowed me to lead and mentor my group of students. I apply the concepts from the five pillars of the Leadership Academy all the time to foster collaboration in my group.” – Nicolas Soria Zurita ’19