Nuclear Science and Engineering

Devin McGlamery

Devin McGlamery began a postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering in the Chemey group during the spring of 2024. Prior to this he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Æsir Technologies inc. working on developing and optimizing aqueous zinc battery chemistries. He earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Montana State University in 2017. During this time, he worked for Professor Matthew J. Cook on methods to generate spiroketal fragments to arrive at the natural product spongistatin. Devin then received a Ph.D.

Joshua A. Handley

Joshua Handley’s professional and research interests include next-generation radiation detector design, rapid prototyping, large-scale monitoring systems, and novel analysis techniques. With a focus on gamma spectroscopy and the mission space of Homeland Security and nationwide monitoring operations, Handley’s interests include the use of robotics and autonomous systems for deploying sensors to hazardous or difficult to access areas, reducing the needs for personnel to perform those dirty, dull, or dangerous tasks.