Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering: Program Information

The Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng ME) offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced study in the field of mechanical engineering without also having to complete a research thesis or project. This coursework-only degree is concerned with the practical application of specialized, graduate-level engineering knowledge.

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Program Requirements and Milestones

The major milestones in completing an MEng in mechanical engineering at OSU are charted in the following table. For more information, click on the table links and review the MEng ME Student Progress Checklist.

University-wide requirements for earning an MEng degree at Oregon State are detailed on the OSU Graduate School Website.

Milestone Deadline Reference links on these pages:
Meet with the MIME graduate advisor Meeting should occur prior to end of first term in graduate school.

Lynn Paul profile

Schedule an appointment

Meet with Lynn via Zoom (after scheduling an appointment)

Identify your graduate committee Prior to end of first term in graduate school.

An MEng graduate committee consists of a minimum of three graduate faculty:

1. A major professor (Please contact Lynn Paul for help identifying an appropriate major professor)

2. Anita Hughes

3. Lynn Paul

Make a rough sketch of proposed graduate coursework.

Prior to end of first term in graduate school.

Note: Mechanical Engineering MEng students must prepare a portfolio of their graduate work while at Oregon State University. For MEng students, this portfolio will ultimately be used as an alternative summative assessment in lieu of a final oral exam. Two resources have been developed to guide MEng students through this requirement:

  1. a Canvas-based, non-credit Portfolio Orientation Module to introduce MEng students to early program milestones and requirements as well as the idea of a portfolio, and
  2. a final-term, for-credit course, ENGR 521 MENG PORTFOLIO COMPLETION (1 credit).

Transferring credits

ME grad options

MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses [Excel]

Ethical research training Can be completed at ANY time, but it MUST BE COMPLETED before program of study approval. Although the Master of Engineering degree is a coursework-only, non-research degree, this training is required for all graduate students.

Detailed instructions for how to find the correct training on the CITI site

Program of study development, approval and filing Must be filed with Graduate School prior to completing 18 credits.

Program of Study forms can be found here.

ME coursework/credits

Final oral examination (Alternative Summative Assessment) MIME MEng students must prepare a portfolio of their graduate work while at Oregon State University.  This portfolio will be used in lieu of a final oral exam as an alternative summative assessment for MEng students. Occurs during the student’s final term at OSU.

OSU Grad School exam scheduling form

MEng students should indicate on the form that the type of exam they are reqesting is an "Alternative Summative Assessment (MENG, MBA, MSB, MCOUN)"

Additional Notes

  • Master of Engineering students are not eligible to receive support in the form of graduate assistantships (GRAs or GTAs).

  • Master of Engineering students may switch to the Master of Science program at any time with the approval of a research professor.  The research professor must send an e-mail to the MIME Head Advisor for Graduate Programs confirming that they are in support of the change before the student submits a Change of Degree form.