Credit Requirements for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Degrees

Credit requirements for each of the mechanical engineering graduate degrees can be found in the OSU catalog. In all cases, at least 50 percent of the course credits should represent stand-alone graduate courses (500 level or above). The remaining credits may include the 500 component of 400/500-level (slash) courses. Thesis/capstone credits count toward grad stand-alone credits.

In the Mechanical Engineering major, five primary, transcript-visible graduate options – Advanced Manufacturing, Design, Materials Mechanics, Dynamics & Controls, and Thermal-Fluid Sciences – are available for all graduate degrees. The courses listed for a particular option area are not all of the courses offered in that area; they are the courses deemed essential for a student to take to master that area of knowledge. A more comprehensive list of MIME courses may be found here: MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses [Excel].

An "interdisciplinary" option, which is not transcript-visible, is available for students wishing to be generalists. The interdisciplinary option allows a student to choose four graduate-level courses taken from any, but not necessarily all, of the five primary options. The remainder of a student's coursework may be chosen by the student with input from the MIME Graduate Advisor or to meet their own educational and professional goals. Elective coursework must be approved by a student's major professor.

ME students also may pursue the coursework necessary to earn a transcript-visible secondary option in Renewable Energy or an 18-credit certificate in Engineering Management. Students should first choose coursework to fulfill an ME primary option (or the ME interdisciplinary option), then add any additional coursework needed to meet the requirements for the secondary option in Renewable Energy or a certificate in Engineering Management.

Students may also choose to name an out-of-major minor, such as one in statistics, business or another College of Engineering program (e.g. computer science, materials science, robotics, etc.) Requirements for minors are determined by the program offering that minor.

All options are available for all degrees (MEng, MS and PhD) in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. Please review the graduate options and coursework tabs below to plan your academic program.

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