INSPiRE Industry Affiliates

Photo of students and industry representatives and Expo.

Through the School of EECS we offer the INSPiRE Industrial Affiliates program — a convenient package approach to university relations, providing access to our most popular programs, all in one spot. Member organizations can access:

EECS Student Networking Events (See our calendar)

  • Time to talk with students at the October and February Networking Nights.
  • Time at both the Summer and Winter Career Showcases. Students have already completed a Bachelor's degree and are pursuing a second Bachelor's in Computer Science.
  • Speaking opportunity at Webinar Wednesday.

Multiple Capstone Senior Projects

  • Like an internship - Capstone Senior Projects are an opportunity to build visibility and connect with potential talent.
  • The projects expose students to the challenges of engineering design and project management.
  • 400+ students enroll each year.
  • The program offers student mentoring opportunities and the chance to train potential employees.

Company Day/Office Hours

Bring a team of representatives and meet one-on-one with our students! This informal venue allows students a place to drop by and meet your company as they have time, ask questions, learn about career paths, and find out more about your organization.

Resume Books

Logo Opportunities

Members have their logos displayed on our website and the welcome monitors located in our building (including the monitor located at our building's cafe).

School of EECS Industrial Advisory Board

Members are invited to join the EECS Industry Advisory Board where they can network, and share feedback and advice on our research and educational programs.


  • Annual memberships are affordable, with suggested sponsorship levels based on the size of your company ($1K-$10K depending on the number of employees).
  • EECS INSPiRE memberships can be combined with the College of Engineering's Partner Engagement Program. INSPiRE members are considered Partners at the "Sponsor" level.
  • Learn how membership might help your organization. Contact EECS Corporate Relations.