Undergraduate Advising

Cindy Olson (Email) 

Administrative office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. 

Phone: 541-737-4934 

Matt Flanagan (Email)
Academic Advisor

Students whose last names start with A-F

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Julia Heaston (Email)
Academic Advisor

Students whose last names start with G-H and Q-T

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Nathan Petitti (Email)
Academic Advisor

Students whose last names start with I-P

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Megan Roegner (Email)
Head Advisor

Students whose last names start with U-Z

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As the COVID-19 health situation continues to evolve, Oregon State University is actively collaborating with local and state public health experts to provide response, prevention, services and information to the Oregon State community. Administrators and staff are implementing plans to maintain the continuity of education, research, outreach, student services and operations throughout the university.

For additional information about COVID-19 and Oregon State's response, please visit the COVID-19 Information webpage.

General Advising

Drop In Advising is Available Week 2-10: Tuesdays and Fridays in Kearney 101 from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.

Appointments are available in person or virtually. Please schedule with your advisor using the links above. In-Person Appointments will be done in KEAR 101. Please check in with Cindy at the front desk!


  • Please check your MyDegrees Planner and update your plan if necessary.
  • Masks are optional. Advisors are happy to wear a mask if you request that at check in.
  • When coming into KEAR 101 Office please use the QR Code at the front desk to check-in.
OSU Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities
  • Students are expected to check their e-mail daily and read the weekly school messages.
Overrides for courses
  • Construction Engineering Management students needing an override into an Upper Division Business Administration Course are able to register during Phase 2 of registration. Overrides into these courses will be given at the start of Phase 2 of registration. You will receive an email from the College of Business when the override for the course you requested is entered.

Academic resources

Advisor/advisee relationship and responsibilities
Advising materials
Planning documents

CE Course Guide 2023-2024
CEM Course Guide 2023-2024
ARE Course Guide 2023-2024
ARE Course Guide 2022-2023*
ARE Course Guide Pre-2021* 
CE Course Guide Pre-2021* 
CEM Course Guide Pre-2021*
ARE Course Guide 2021
CE Course Guide 2021
CEM Course Guide 2021
ARE Technical Electives
CEM Technical Electives
CE Technical Electives
CECOP planning form
CEM surveying (FLS) planning form
CE surveying (FLS) planning Form

*Pre-2021 Course Guides are for students who declared their CCE Degree Prior to Summer 2021. If you declared your major or started at OSU after Summer 2021 use the 2021 Guides.

Transfer credit information

AP/IB/Advanced credit information
Matriculating articulation tables
Baccalaureate core equivalencies
Oregon Community College Transfer Guides

Technology Laptop computers
COE computing support