Arash Termehchy

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Arash Termehchy

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

3053 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


Arash Termehchy received his Ph.D. in computer science form the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interest is in data and information management in a broad sense, including large scale data management, data mining, and information retrieval.

He received the ICDE Best Student Paper Award in 2011, the ICDE Best Papers Selection in 2011, the Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award in 2011, and the Feng Chen Memorial Award in 2012. Research Areas Data converters; switched-capacitor circuits; analog and digital signal processing Research Description Communications, instrumentation, consumer electronics, etc. are all increasingly relying on digital signal processing (DSP) to carry out complex and time-consuming tasks.

However, unavoidably, the input and output signals to all such systems had to remain analog, since signals encountered in nature are analog. Hence, interfaces are needed between the DSP core and the input/output terminals of all such systems, to process analog signals and to convert analog and digital signals into each other. With DSP technology exponentially improving in terms of speed, complexity and accuracy, the state of interface electronics has been left behind. Temes’s research area, shared with his graduate students, encompasses many areas of interface electronics, including analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, switched-capacitor filters and amplifiers, and sensor interfaces.

They are also heavily involved in the use of adaptive DSP methods within the interface itself, to achieve very high accuracy which is otherwise not practical in analog circuits. Applications of Research The described research is of great interest to leading integrated circuit companies, which have been supporting our work for many years. I am interested in data and information management in a broad sense, including large scale data management, human centric data management, social data management, data mining, information retrieval, and semantic Web. In my research, I have created, deployed, and evaluated large scale systems with principled foundations that help users of data-intensive applications search and explore data and information easily, effectively, efficiently, and reliably.

2018 ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data Best Papers Selection of SIGMOD 2018 Conference
2017 ACM Special Group On Data Management Distinguished Program Committee Member