Dr. Nordica MacCarty and Collaborators Receive Grant from VentureWell

Cutting vegetation.

We’re proud to announce that Dr. Nordica MacCarty and a team of collaborators recently received a Faculty Grant from VentureWell! VentureWell’s Faculty Grant program supports the creation or improvement of courses and programs that incorporate sustainability frameworks and principles, and encourages the creation of novel sustainable designs and green technologies.

This funding will support a new multidisciplinary program that will introduce a new junior year course in sustainable design and a variety of multidisciplinary modules about contemporary themes in sustainability. Interdisciplinary student teams will build and strengthen their skill sets in innovation, sustainability, technology and the arts, and social change. 

The team of collaborators includes faculty from across the university, including Bryony DuPont, Michelle Marie, Shanna Ruyle, Deann Garcia, Cory Buxton, Andrea Marks, and Jim Sweeney.

MacCarty was one of twelve grant recipients chosen through a competitive national review process. Learn more about the award, and the other grantees supported by this program: https://bit.ly/3BXvm1v

Dec. 5, 2020