Transfer Student Information

Transfer students are an important part of the College of Engineering community. Students from across Oregon and the Northwest choose Oregon State University for its commitment to education, research, and creating an engineering community that values diversity and inclusion.

The college welcomes new transfer students every term, and advisors are here to help you understand the transfer process and assess your standing prior to your arrival at Oregon State.

What is a transfer student?

  • Completed a minimum of 24 quarter (16 semester) graded, transferable credits from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Admitted to Oregon State University through an official application.
  • Obtained a high school diploma or equivalent over one year ago.

Degree Partnership Program

You can enroll at Oregon State while still attending an Oregon community college. Through Oregon State’s Degree Partnership Program, you can be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State and any of our community college partner schools.

Oregon and Hawaii community college transfer students

Most of the lower-division coursework for engineering degrees can be completed at community colleges throughout Oregon. Transfer guides for Oregon and Hawaii community college students are available from the Oregon State admissions office. If you are new to understanding course equivalencies, start with the explanation of catalog listing structure.

Transfers from outside Oregon and Hawaii

If you are transferring to Oregon State from outside Oregon or from an institution that is not shown on the course articulations page, you can instead use the single-course search tool to understand how your credits will transfer. Please consult one of our advisors if you need assistance with course planning or understanding the process of transferring.

Additional information on credit transfers

Some courses from other institutions will transfer with course designations LDT or UDT, indicating lower-division or upper-division transfer courses for which we are not aware of a direct equivalent at Oregon State; however, many of these courses can still apply toward degree requirements.