Undergraduate Advising

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Monday on campus
Tuesday remote (zoom only)
Wednesday on campus
Thursday on campus
Friday remote (zoom only)
Location: BAT 151, 9am - 4pm.

Academic advising is always open. Students are required to obtain a new registration PIN every term, so schedule your appointment early, before week 8 is best. You are encouraged to schedule a zoom or in-person meeting, but in some instances you can advise via email.

Schedule Advising

You can schedule a meeting with head advisor, Joan Stueve.

*If you cannot work out a schedule with one of the tutors above please contact the advisor, Joan.Stueve@oregonstate.edu for assistance.

The College of Engineering also offers peer tutoring in NSE 234, math, chemistry, physics and some engineering classes through the Office of Student Services.

Upper-Division Restricted Electives

Courses can be from any college 300-400 level course EXCEPT Liberal Arts, PAC, Music, Foreign Language, or Naval Science. Although we prefer they come from the college of engineering, they can be from any of the following; Ag Science, Business, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Forestry, Public Health or Science. 

One way to find some options is to look at the synthesis offerings in the catalog, they are all 300 and 400 level. https://classes.oregonstate.edu/?srcdb=999999&csst=Y and https://classes.oregonstate.edu/?srcdb=999999&csgi=Y

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