Creating and Updating Your Academic Plan

My Degrees

MyDegrees can help you audit your progress towards graduation and plan what courses to take in future terms. Using the Planner tool on MyDegrees can help you identify a realistic graduation term and check for any missing requirements using the audit feature.

Schedule a meeting with one of our advisors to make or change plans and review your progress towards your degree or certificate completion!

MIME Moveable Flowcharts & Electives

In addition to your My Degrees planner, MIME students can also utilize our moveable flowcharts to see Course Names, Numbers, Credit Hours, Prerequisites, as well as which terms these classes are offered.These flowcharts are customizable!!

Major Moveable Flowcharts & Electives
2022-2023 Mechanical Engineering Curriculum
2023-2024 Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

*Please see a MIME Advisor to opt into this curriculum.

Industrial Engineering (IE)

All IE majors are required to choose one of the following:

  1. Declare a pre-approved systems track
  2. Submit a petition to add an Individualized focus track
  3. Choose an option

Please make sure to email your academic advisor with the completed form.

Manufacturing Engineering (MfgE)

*We are in the process of terminating the MFGE major. Therefore, this major will not be available in the near future.

Energy Systems Engineering (ESE)

401/403/406 Credits

Writing a thesis or completing a project that you would like to apply to your degree requirements?

Fill out this form (You will need to get supervising faculty/instructor's signature).

*Note - Courses numbers 403 or 406 can only be applied to your technical elective requirements once. Talk with your advisor for more information and to finalize the CRN and overrides for registration.

Academic Expectations

Minimum GPA requirement: In an effort to help students make continued progress towards their degree, the Academic Progression Model (APM) outlines college-specific standards, applying to all students in the College of Engineering. In short, students are required to maintain a 2.5 OSU GPA and complete 65% of their attempted credits. For more information, check out this FAQ page.

COE Academic Status: Students who do not meet the minimum GPA and completion rates for a term (or multiple terms), will be informed of a change in their College of Engineering status. This is different from OSU’s Academic Standing (which is based on the university-level regulations).

If you think you might not meet the APM requirements with the College of Engineering or you have been informed that you are now are Warning, Probation or Suspension, please reach out to your advisor. Note: Suspended students will need to Petition for Reinstatement to their Engineering major.

S/U-ing courses: Students may choose to S/U any Baccalaureate Core course, but students will not be able to S/U any COE support, major-specific, or technical/restrictive elective courses for credit towards their degree.