EECS Industry Advisory Board

Executive Committee

Mehmet Aslan
VP of Engineering
Keith Brown
Oregon & Washington Senior State Executive
IBM Systems Security Architect
Rhonda Franklin, Ph.D.
Institute for Engineering and Medicine's Abbott Professor of Innovative Education and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota
Randy Hall
Senior Principal Engineer
Steve Horvath
Staff Aviation Systems Engineer

Jeorge Hurtarte
Sr. Director, Engineering, Office of the CTO
Lam Research

Mike Johnnie
AG Director of Engineering
Moog Aircraft Group
Ron Khormaei, Ph.D.
Vice President of Engineering
Paul McKenney
Software Engineer


Sathya Padmanabhan
VP of Engineering & Operations
Maury Microwave
Robert Rose
Co-Founder / CEO
Reliable Robotics Corportation
Mayra Santiago
Senior Manager of Substation Operations
Portland General Electric
Christian Smith
Director, Software Development
Carlo Tiana
Senior Fellow
Collins Aerospace
Pieter Van Zee
Chief Software Strategist
HP Corvallis
David Zier, Ph.D.
Sr. System Software Manager
Dana Zottola
Senior Patent Agent
Alston & Bird LLP