Make an Appointment with an EECS Advisor

Welcome to the EECS undergraduate advising appointment website. Current OSU undergraduate students can use this site to schedule an appointment with an EECS advisor. Our Virtual Drop-in advising calendar can be found towards the bottom of this page.

Drop-in Advising. Drop-in advising hours are offered via Zoom and in-person. Drop-in advising is a good option if you just have a quick question or an urgent request. See the drop-in calendar below for hours and access.

Remote Advising Appointments. The majority of advising appointments will be offered over Zoom. Remote advising appointments are currently available.

In-person Advising Appointments. In-person advising appointments are available. Please note the following regarding in-person appointments:

  • Only available to OSU students enrolled in OSU courses.
  • Check in with the front desk in KEC 1148 for your appointment. Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment.
  • Face masks welcome but not required.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

This website provides access to EECS advisors who work with undergraduate and postbacc students enrolled in the School of EECS. Please note the following before scheduling an advising appointment.

  • First-Year General Engineering students
    Make your advising appointments through your First-Year Engineering Students Canvas course. If you do not have access to this site, please contact your first-year advisor. Advising assignments are based on last name for first-year students.

  • Newly admitted EECS students
    Complete your School of EECS New Student Orientation before scheduling an individual advising appointment. Newly admitted EECS students will receive information regarding the School of EECS new student orientation process by email. This email will be sent to your email address. If you believe you should have already received an email or have questions about the School of EECS new student orientation process, please email us at Remember to include your OSU ID number if contacting us by email.

  • Current OSU students interested in changing their major to CS or ECE or wanting to add a CS Minor or Cybersecurity Certificate
    Contact us during our Virtual Drop-in Advising hours.

  • Non-OSU Prospective students
    Contact us by emailing

Your Primary EECS Advisor

All EECS students are assigned a primary EECS advisor based on the last three digits of their OSU ID number (93xxxxxXXX). We strongly recommend that you work closely with your primary advisor. However, you are free to meet with any EECS undergraduate advisor if your primary advisor is not available.

Please use the list below to find your primary EECS advisor. Once again, advisors are assigned based on the last three digits of your OSU ID number (93xxxxxXXX).

  • 000-078: Ainsley Wilson-Graden
  • 079-153: Amy Leeds
  • 154-230: April Whitney
  • 231-306: Bree Mead
  • 307-387: Brooke Jackson
  • 388-469: Hannah Royball
  • 470-547: Liz White
  • 548-622: Maha Albarjas
  • 623-703: Nancy Homan
  • 704-777: Nick Malos
  • 778-860: Scott Harrington
  • 861-941: Zoë Zellers
  • 942-970: Jamie Romine-Gabardi
  • 971-999: Rebecca Schaffeld
Jamie Romine-Gabardi portrait.

Jamie Romine-Gabardi

Assistant Head Academic Advisor

Advisor: ID#'s 942-970
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Rebecca Schaffeld

Rebecca Schaffeld

Assistant Head Academic Advisor

Advisor: ID#'s 971-999
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** NO-SHOW POLICY: Students who are more than 10 minutes late or did not cancel their appointment in advance will be marked as a no-show. Cancellations cannot be completed within 12 hours of the appointment time. Students who have a subsequent no-show in the twelve (12) months following a no-show will not receive their registration PIN until the last Monday of phase one priority registration. Students who have no-showed their advising appointment must still meet with an advisor in order to receive their PIN.

Drop-In Advising (Zoom)

Drop-in advising hours are for current students experiencing registration issues, seeking S/U approvals, requesting course overrides and/or other questions that can be answered in 5 minutes or less. Registration PINs will not be issued during virtual-drop in advising. Students coming to drop-in hours will meet with the advisor that is currently available.

Zoom drop-in advising hours will be conducted using Zoom and requires internet and audio access. Students who do not have access to Zoom are encouraged to email their question to or schedule an advising appointment.

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