Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree Override Requests

This request is specifically for students requesting an override for a CS class who are coded as NON-DEGREE in MyDegrees. Please take a moment to make sure your MyDegrees header includes Non-Degree. You can submit the override form here.

A banner for myDegrees for non-degree students.
Figure 1: demonstrates myDegrees header for non-degree students

If your MyDegrees Header does not list your Level as Non-Degree, please fill out the override form here.

Reminder: Ecampus Non-Degree students are restricted to CS 162, CS 261, CS 271, CS 290, and upper-division CS classes. If you are requesting CS 161 or CS 225 you MUST have officially declared the Programming Fundamentals Microcredential. Non-Degree requests from students not enrolled in the Programming Fundamentals Microcredential will be denied.

Calendar of Processing Dates

Please note: Your override request must be received before the start of classes for the requested term to be reviewed. Late requests during the “Add a Course” period after the first day of classes will be denied. *There is a $50 Late Registration Fee for registration on/after the first day of the term.

***REQUEST MAY TAKE UP TO 2 WEEKS TO PROCESS. If submitted on the first official day of the term, you may not get approval to register by the deadline to add a class.
Term Review of Requests Begins Approved/Denied Notifications Start Deadline to Submit a Request for Review***
Spring 2024 February 26, 2024 March 11, 2024 April 1, 2024 at 8:00am PT
Summer 2024 May 14, 2024 May 28, 2024 June 17, 2024 at 8:00am PT
Fall 2024 August 19, 2024 September 2, 2024 September 25, 2024 at 8:00am PT
Winter 2025 December 2, 2024 December 16, 2024 January 6, 2025 at 8:00am PT
Spring 2025 February 24, 2025 March 10, 2025 March 31, 2025 at 8:00am PT
Summer 2025 May 12, 2025 May 26, 2025 June 16, 2025 at 8:00am PT
Fall 2025 August 18, 2025 September 1, 2025 September 24, 2025 at 8:00am PT


A: Yes. You can apply as a Non-Degree student through the Office of Admissions.

A: Yes. Requests that are missing transcripts and/or syllabi will NOT be reviewed. If you do not have a syllabus for your course, please reach out to your university/institution’s Registrar's Office or the department that hosted your course. They may be able to supply you with a syllabus for the year you attended.

A: No. Prerequisite course requirements are enforced for all students, even Non-Degree. Non-Degree students are unable to take courses and their prerequisites concurrently.

A: If you need a math course to meet the prerequisite, you can try to meet it with the ALEKS Placement Test instead.

A: No. Requests for CS 161 and CS 225 will only be considered for approval if you have officially declared the Programming Fundamentals Microcredential.

A: Yes. You need to submit a Degree Seeking application with the Office of Admissions. Being a prior Non-Degree student does not guarantee admission to the degree program.If you are later admitted to the degree program, you will still be required to do all the New Student Orientation and registration steps which may include taking the ALEKS placement test.

A: Yes, but you need at least 45 credits of new Degree-Seeking coursework to graduate with the CS Post-Bacc degree (32 credits of new Degree-Seeking coursework if you’re a prior OSU graduate). To graduate with a degree in CS, you will need to complete all the required classes. For example, you may be given access to a class like CS 162 while as a Non-Degree student. CS 162 has a prerequisite of CS 161. Once admitted into the program as a degree-seeking student, your record will be reviewed to determine whether or not you have coursework sufficient to fulfill the CS 161 degree requirement. If you do not, you must still take CS 161 to earn your CS Post-Bacc degree.