SFS Applicants

Student working in the cybersecurity lab

Application deadline

April 5, 2024
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Commitment to Work in Public Service Sector

Think seriously about whether you are willing to commit to working in public service post-graduation.

  1. Financial implications to you:
    After receiving the scholarship package, if you choose not to secure and remain at an eligible job within 18 months of your last award year, for the period equal to the length of your scholarship, you will owe the Federal government the value of your scholarship (over the course of three years, this could be over $200,000).
  2. Financial implications to others:
    Your choice not to work in public service will put the entire scholarship program into jeopardy. The Scholarship for Service program is meant to fill cybersecurity jobs in the Federal government. If OSU’s recipients do not take public-service jobs, we will lose funding and the scholarship will be canceled.

What to submit

  • Application components: (1) eligibility checklist, (2) affirmation of scholarship requirements, (3) candidate statements, (4) resume, and (5) references
  • Candidate statement: prepare a statement demonstrating your (1) interest in a cybersecurity career and (2) passion for public service 
  • Comprehensive resume/CV, including education, work experience (paid or volunteer), awards, honors, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Contact information for three (3) references

Application Process

  • Apply in ScholarDollars
  • Attend interview (if invited)
  • If selected, sign and submit the Student Service Agreement for OPM approval

The “Fine Print”

  • Tuition and education-related fees do not include items such as meal plans, housing, or parking. 
  • Professional allowance expenses must be pre-approved; they are intended as reimbursement and are not paid out unless allocated to an approved expenditure.
  • Scholarship recipients must find eligible work within 18 months of your last award year. Some jobs must be pre-approved before the recipient accepts an offer.
  • Current Student Service Agreement

Next Steps

  • Enroll in the Computer Science Cybersecurity Option
  • Prepare your resume/CV now
  • Do research about different government cybersecurity jobs and see which ones interest you