Upcoming Robotics Seminars

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Past Robotics Seminars

Evaluating Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Performance and Generalizability

Brian Flynn - Robotics Engineer at University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Surviving the Flood (of Rosbags)

Benji Barash - Co-Founder and CEO at Roboto AI

Proposals, publications, and field work (oh my!): A year in the life of an early career, soft money research faculty

Cristina Wilson - Assistant Professor (Sr. Research)

Solving Robotics Tasks in Sensing, Model, and Privacy Challenged Environments

Leonardo Bobadilla - Associate Professor

Solving Robotics Tasks in Sensing, Model, and Privacy Challenged Environments

Dr. Leonardo Bobadilla - Associate Professor

Four Talks about Robots (IROS Edition)

Scott Chow, Kyle DuFrene, Rafael Morales, and Mayoral Yanhao Yang -

State of the Robotics Program

Cindy Grimm - Professor & Robotics Program Director

Countering Information Loss in Human-Robot Interaction

Hooman Hedayati - Postdoctoral Researcher

Consumer Robotics at Amazon Lab126

Darnell Moore - Principal Technical Program Manager at Consumer Robotics, Amazon Lab126

How can multiple robots better work together when communication is limited?

Michael Otte - Assistant Professor at University of Maryland College Park

Three Talks about Robots

Jinwoo Kim, Anna Nickelson and Rakesh Vivekanadan -

Former Student Double Bill: Life Beyond the Robotics Program

Jordan Meader and Jamison Heard - Robotics Solution Researcher (Meader) and Assistant Professor (Heard)

From Disaster Response to Consumer Robotics

Paul Oh - Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Towards Tactile Orchard Robotics

Joe Davidson - Assistant Professor

Sight Cues for Robots from a Qualitative Analysis of Video Games

Matthew Rueben - Assistant Professor University of Portland

Robotics for Agriculture: Moving from Perception to Action

Georgr Kantor - Research Professor

Autonomous Highway Driving with Torc's Virtual Driver

Zachary Brock & Daniel Fernández - Torc Robotics

Semantic Robot Programming and Defining the Discipline of Robotics

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins - University of Michigan