Materials and Catalysis

Improving the properties of materials through computational design, experimental characterization, and novel synthetic approaches. Our efforts are focused on obtaining fundamental understandings from the atomic level to mesoscale to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and improve materials properties and catalyst performance.

Advanced Materials

Our students and faculty investigate advanced materials to improve human health, environmental sustainability, 3D-printed systems, solar energy conversion, and advanced semiconductors.

Surface Science and Characterization

Our outstanding theoretical and experimental resources allow students to explore the effects of surface chemistry on catalytic reactions, monitor the adsorption of lipids, proteins, and DNA on biomaterials, and determine methods to improve battery performance and minimize corrosion of alloys. 


Expertise ranges from the design of catalysis at the atomic scale, to provide efficient and selective chemical processes, to the development of reactor systems. Areas of focus include electro- and heterogeneous catalysis, for hydrogen production, carbon-carbon coupling reactions, and selective oxidations.

Process Intensification

Leading research efforts in designing, building, and optimizing microreactors for chemical conversions and materials synthesis. Combining experimental and modeling approaches provides feedback on improving the design and process space for efficient process intensification.

Participating Faculty