Ph.D. in Materials Science: Program Milestones

The major milestones in completing a PhD in Materials Science at Oregon State are charted in the following table. For more information about these milestones, click on the corresponding table links.

University-wide requirements for earning a doctoral degree at Oregon State are detailed on the Oregon State Graduate School Website.

Milestone Deadline Reference links
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Meet with the MIME graduate advisor Meeting should occur prior to end of first term in graduate school.

Lynn Paul profile

Schedule appt

Meet with Lynn via Zoom (after scheduling an appointment)

Ethical research training Can be completed at ANY time, but it MUST BE COMPLETED before program of study approval.

Step by step instructions for finding the correct ethical research training

Major professor selection Must be completed prior to program meeting. Major professor selection should occur prior to end of first term in graduate school.


Make a rough sketch of proposed graduate coursework Core coursework must be done prior to qualifying examination. Should occur prior to end of first term in graduate school.

Transferring credits

MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses [Excel]

Finalize program of study (POS) Must be drafted prior to program meeting where the student’s committee will comment and make suggestions for its final version which will be submitted through the graduate school’s digital POS system.

Program of study development tool

Grad School Program of Study information

Ph.D. program meeting This meeting must be convened with all committee members present, but need not be scheduled through the graduate school, before the end of a PhD student’s fifth term in their doctoral program.

Grad School Program of Study information

Ph.D. Program Meeting

Program Meeting Checklists

Qualifying examination With MS: Before third term of Ph.D. program.
With BS only: Before sixth term of Ph.D. program.
Qualifying exam format
Preliminary examination At least six months after passing Materials Science qualifying examination, and
At least one full academic term before Final Oral Examination.
OSU Grad School exam scheduling form
Thesis/dissertation completion Must be completed prior to final oral examination. OSU Grad School Thesis Guide
OSU ScholarsArchive
Step by step instructions for ScholarsArchive
Instructions and considerations for data sets
Arrange a final defense date and time PLAN AHEAD! To find a time that works to get your five or more committee members and yourself together at the same time, in the same place may be challenging. Communicate with them often and early about how your research and thesis writing is progressing so that your committee members can let you know if they have a conference or other commitment you need to work around.  
Schedule a final defense of your thesis/dissertation (Final Oral Exam) No more than five years after completing preliminary examination. OSU Grad School exam scheduling form