Thesis and Dissertation Requirements

In preparing your thesis or dissertation, you must follow the thesis deadlines and guidelines established by the Graduate School. These guidelines are published in the online Thesis Guide available here.

The Graduate School and MIME no longer require you to submit a paper copy of your thesis/dissertation. You may have two personal copies printed at no charge at the Student Multi-media Services, located on the 2nd floor of the Valley Library.

(Note: Master of Science Project Option reports are not reviewed by the Graduate School.)

Prior to scheduling your final oral exam and at least two weeks prior to your desired exam date, you must submit the pretext pages of your thesis to the Graduate School. Pretext pages include the abstract, copyright (optional), title page, approval page, acknowledgment page, contribution of authors, table of contents, list of figures, tables, appendices, dedication (optional), and preface (optional).

You must also distribute examination copies of your thesis to all committee members, including the Graduate Council representative, sufficiently early to permit thorough review of the thesis prior to your final oral examination.

Within six weeks of successfully completing your final oral exam, but before the end of the term during which you defend your thesis, you must submit a PDF copy of your thesis/dissertation, without signatures, electronically to ScholarsArchive. Please refer to the step by step instructions for uploading instructions and accessibility modifications.  

Data sets can also be submitted to ScholarsArchive and linked to your thesis. Please refer to the library's website for instructions and considerations.