Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

As computer systems have become part of the fabric of modern society, system security has grown essential to the well-being of individuals, companies, the economy and life as we know it. A single security breach can expose the passwords, financial data and private personal information of hundreds of millions of people.

Oregon State's Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity will prepare you for careers as a cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity engineer, information assurance technician, and security administrator. In addition, these skills will enable you to perform other jobs, such as software engineer and requirements analyst, with a higher level of proficiency and a lower risk of creating security flaws that threaten users, employers, and their livelihoods.


As a student in this program, you will take six required courses online via OSU Ecampus or in person at the Corvallis campus. These courses provide an introduction to network and application security, malware, cryptography, forensics, and information security governance.

In addition, you will also select one elective that provides an opportunity for applying concepts from cybersecurity: Choices include information systems, cloud development, mobile app development, machine learning and data mining, parallel programming, and open source development.

This program requires 27 credits, including one elective. For details, refer to the Online Program Catalog.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the certificate program will be able to:

  1. Describe the common threats to system security and explain their mechanisms of action
  2. Assess system requirements pertaining to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and functionality to users
  3. Implement secure solutions to common threats by selecting and applying appropriate principles, protocols and techniques
  4. Evaluate system designs, implementations and protocols to identify and ameliorate weaknesses


To earn this certificate, you must meet the following prerequisites prior to enrolling in certificate courses.

  • Grades of C or higher in the following courses:
    • CS 261 Data Structures
    • CS 340 Introduction to Databases
    • CS 344 Operating Systems I
    • CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks

For More Information and to Enroll

Contact one of our advisors, who will verify that you meet the prerequisites prior to enrolling you in the program.

Current OSU students

Non-OSU students
Renee Marshall, (503) 273-4329

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