Academic Integrity – Prohibited Behavior

An academic misconduct allegation is filed when a student has reportedly violated one or more areas of academic integrity, which including but not limited to: assisting, cheating, falsification, tampering, plagiarism, multiple submissions of work, and unauthorized recording and use. 

These terms can be confusing, so we have prepared a visual guide to help you understand what these words mean in the context of academic integrity. 

Code of Student Conduct; Section 4.2 Academic Misconduct 

Library Academic Misconduct Tutorial 



“Any action that helps another engage in academic misconduct." 

Cartoon characters letting each other copy their assignment.



“Unauthorized assistance, or access to or use of unauthorized materials, information, tools, or study aids." 

Cartoon character looking up solutions to his assignment on a solutions manual.
Cartoon character looking up solutions to his assignment on a solutions manual.



“Fabrication or invention of any information." 

A cartoon character falsifying her homework.



“Representing the words or ideas of another person or presenting someone else's words, data, expressed ideas, or artistry as one's own." 

A cartoon character plagarizing an article.


Multiple submissions of work 

“Using or submitting work completed for another or previous class or requirement, without appropriate disclosure, citation, and instructor approval.”  

A cartoon character reusing a previously submitted piece of work.


Unauthorized recording and use 

“Recording and/or dissemination of instructional content without the express permission of the instructor(s), or an approved accommodation coordinated via Disability Access Services.”  

Various anti-recording signs.