Foley and Moussaoui Selected as Inaugural INL Graduate Fellows

Idaho National Laboratory is the premier nuclear research lab in the country and maintains close ties with Oregon State. The selection of Oregon State graduate students Ari Foley and Musa Moussaoui as two of the inaugural class of INL Graduate Fellows promises to continue strengthening the partnership.  They will be contributing to nuclear nonproliferation and security programs as well as next-generation nuclear power technology.

Taking the gamble out of nuclear fuel supplies

When the high price of Russian-made nuclear fuel jeopardized the future of important research, Oregon State engineers fashioned a solution using techniques whose roots can be traced to a game of solitaire played 70 years ago. 

For decades, scientists around the world have conducted experiments at the research reactor operated by the Institute of Nuclear Physics in the capital city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Their work includes tests to investigate various facets of nuclear security and is funded by the United States Department of Energy. 

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