Learner to Leader

Izabela Gutowska holds a mock fuel sphere used in simulated testing to support validation of Kairos Power’s pebblebed fluoride-salt-cooled high-temperature reactor design.

Izabela Gutowska swirls the tea in her cup as she discusses computational fluid dynamics. The movement of the tea cools the liquid by transferring heat to the cup, she explains.

From University to UNESCO

Ambassador Adam Al-Mulla (’95 B.S., Chemical Engineering), now serving as Kuwait’s permanent delegate to UNESCO, credits Oregon State University with opening his eyes to the passion that has driven his career.

That passion would eventually lead him to work with people from various cultures and backgrounds to promote education, science, and cultural preservation and appreciation throughout the world.

Fast Delivery


Where can you go with a degree in robotics from Oregon State University?

This past fall, two recent graduates who launched successful careers at Amazon Robotics returned to Corvallis to inspire current students with stories about life after grad school and to encourage them to maximize their experiences at Oregon State to achieve success in industry.

Engineering a More Sustainable Environment


A lover of outdoor activities from the time she was a child, Mary Beth Berkes (’10 M.S., Coastal and Ocean Engineering) was drawn to an environmental and conservation-focused career. More than nine years into her role as an assistant civil technical leader specializing in stream restoration at GAI Consultants, Berkes finds her job continuously rewarding and challenging.

The Journey from Engineering to Hollywood

After a fulfilling career as a chemical engineer, one Oregon State University alumnus is now calling the shots as a Hollywood producer.

“I am curious by nature and love to solve problems. Chemical engineering gave me the opportunity to use those skills, as did my time in management in the oil business. Now I’m thrilled to be using those skills in a third career in Hollywood,” said Ivan Williams.

Williams described his circuitous career path from chemical engineer to business executive to movie producer as a journey that began on the campus of Oregon State.

A Clearer Picture of Arthritis

Brian Bay had always been fascinated by life sciences but decided to pursue another passion, mechanical engineering, as an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis.

More than three decades later, in the serendipitous way that research and careers often take shape, Bay’s interests in machinery and medicine — and photography — have coalesced to push the boundaries of understanding for osteoarthritis.