Meagan Wengrove

Portrait of Meagan Wengrove.

Meagan Wengrove

Assistant Professor
John and Jean Loosley Faculty Fellow
Civil and Construction Engineering

Sch Civil & Construction Engr
205 Owen Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 2018
M.S., Civil Engineering – Water Resources Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 2012
B.S., Civil Engineering/International Affairs, University of New Hampshire, 2010

Dr. Meagan Wengrove is a coastal engineer and scientist who leads the Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Group at Oregon State University. Our research focus is to understand the physics of natural and engineered coastal systems. Including creating engineering guidance for the use of natural and nature based features including coastal dunes and dynamic cobble revetments for coastal protection, quantifying mechanisms of sediment transport and their contribution to morphologic change, understanding the physics of ice-ocean boundary layer interaction and their contribution to melting of tidewater glaciers and icebergs, and exploring the technology of distributed fiber optic sensing as an ocean bottom sensing technology. Our research involves a mix of field, laboratory, and modeling experiments. The Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Group is composed of a mix of PhD students, MS students, undergraduate assistances, and research associates and post-docs. Wengrove also enjoys teaching both graduate and undergraduate classes at Oregon State focused on coastal dynamics, coastal engineering with nature, programming and sensors, and fluid mechanics. Please visit our lab website to learn more!

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