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Season nine: Robotics and AI

And on that farm, he had a robot, S9E5

Will robots someday replace farm workers? Do we want them to? Joe Davidson, assistant professor of robotics, talks about the potential benefits of using robots in agriculture, and what goes into designing the perfect robotic apple picker.

Joe Davidson and Alexander You

Joe Davidson, assistant professor of robotics (left), and doctoral student Alexander You work with a robotic gripper that mimics the “power grasp” of a human hand.

Socializing robots, S9E4

Why should robots have artificial social intelligence? According to Heather Knight, assistant professor of computer science, if robots are going to help in hospitals or work with people in factories, they will need to be adapted to our social conventions.

Heather Knight

Heather Knight and her team in the CHARISMA Robotics Lab at Oregon State are working on developing artificial social intelligence for robots.

Robots: Will they walk among us? S9E3

For robots to be more useful around people, they’ll need to go where we go. But how? Associate Professor Jonathan Hurst thinks the answer is simple. Walking. But actually making a walking robot is no simple feat.

Jonathan Hurst

Jonathan Hurst, associate professor of mechanical engineering and robotics, with Cassie, a bipedal robot created in his lab.

AI, explain yourself, S9E2

Can we trust artificial intelligence to make good decisions? The answer is a resounding maybe. More and more, society and individuals are entrusting AI to make potentially life-changing decisions. Rather than putting blind trust in the judgment of these remarkable systems, Professor Alan Fern and a team of computer scientists want to reveal their reasoning processes.

Alan Fern Artificial intelligence systems are being entrusted with critical choices that can change lives. Alan Fern, a professor of computer science, wants them to explain themselves.

The beautiful music of robotics and AI, S9E1

How do you integrate ethics, policy, and practicality into the design of revolutionary robotics and artificial intelligence systems? Professors Kagan Tumer and Tom Dietterich are collaborating to find out as they help lead the Oregon State Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute.

Kagan Tumer (left) and Tom Dietterich.

Professors Kagan Tumer (left) and Tom Dietterich discuss their research at the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute.


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