Oregon State researchers awarded the J. James R. Croes Medal for civil engineering research

A group of College of Engineering researchers has been awarded the J. James R. Croes Medal by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The Croes Medal is awarded to the authors of one of the top two papers among the approximately 7,000 papers published in 35 ASCE technical journals and numerous conference proceedings every year. The awardees’ paper, titled, "Probabilistic Structural System Response to Differential Settlement Resulting from Spatially Variable Soil," was published in the February 2022 issue of the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering.

Building a better cookstove

Photos courtesy of National Science Foundation

Across the developing world, daily cooking responsibilities are largely held by women and girls who cook — often indoors — on open fires fueled by organic matter like wood or dung. From airy thatched huts in Uganda to snug stone homes high in the Andes, those fires are billowing smoke that they and their neighbors breathe in.

Student shows materials matter, even at the smallest level

Photos courtesy of Tzu-Yi Chang.

Tzu-Yi Chang, a doctoral student in nuclear engineering at Oregon State who spends her summers conducting research at the Idaho National Laboratory, has been fascinated by how things function ever since she was a child.

“I started my engineering education when I was young, since my father was a technician,” Chang said. “I watched him work when I was as young as 4 or 5 years old and learned about machines.”

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