Webinar Friday - Engineering is Everywhere with BW Design

BW Design logo
Event Speaker
Eric Lampe
Engineering Director
Event Type
Webinar Wednesday
April 21, Noon to 1 p.m.
Event Location
Event Description

Join us at Webinar Friday for an interesting look into consulting careers as HKN hosts BW Design. Engineering Director Eric Lampe and the campus team will present.

BW Design Group operates from 45+ offices in the US and India providing engineering, consulting, and technical services to the world’s leading companies. The company has 1500 technical and engineering experts.

This company hires Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering majors. They may require citizenship or permanent residency.

To be part of the broadcast - tune in to the Live Zoom Friday @ 12 pm PDT.

Webinar Days are a series of talks to help students jump-start their careers in high tech. Everyone is welcome. While technical failures happen, we try to record the webinars. If you are concerned about appearing on screen - consider waiting for the recording to post at http://bit.ly/EECSWebWed.