Webinar Friday: Carrier + You

Event Speaker
Samir Tamer
Engineering Manager, Carrier
Event Type
Webinar Wednesday
Jan. 20, Noon to 1 p.m.
Event Location
Event Description

Carrier has an office in Salem, OR - less than an hour from Corvallis - and they're hiring interns and full-time jobs. They are looking for ECE and CS BS. This office is interested in resumes!

Zoom in to hear Engineering Manager, Samir Tamer, share more about their office, their culture - and what they're looking for in new recruits. He will take your questions following the talk during the LIVE "ask-me-anything" session.

Webinar Wednesdays (which sometimes happen on other days) are a series of talks designed to help students learn about industry and jump start their careers. *Everyone is welcome.*