Strengthening our bonds with industry

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Members of the MIME Industry Advisory Board touring the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

The School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering has deep connections to industry, throughout Oregon and beyond.

One of the ways we develop those connections is through our industry advisory board.

“The IAB provides industry a voice to give advice, insight and support to the school regarding the changing needs of industry and the engineering profession,” said Lynn Ekstedt, MIME’s industry outreach coordinator. “It brings the university into direct contact and active communication with industry to bring new ideas and fresh viewpoints to the school.”

The board is composed of dedicated individuals who represent a diverse set of companies with strong presences in the Pacific Northwest. This includes large, multinational companies such as Boeing, Daimler, Honeywell, Intel, and Nike — as well as regional ones such as Bonneville Power Administration, pFriem Family Brewers, and the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

“The IAB provides a way for those of us in the ‘real world’ to connect with the faculty and staff of MIME,” said Ron Sarazin (’76 B.S., Industrial Engineering), the board’s chair and president of Olympic Performance. “IAB members learn what MIME faculty are doing in research, in curriculum, and with students. In return, we provide our ideas and recommendations.”

Member companies also reap benefits. Their participation effectively creates a pipeline to recruit students for jobs and internships. It also positions them to inform the strategic direction of the College of Engineering. This helps to ensure the college is shaping students into engineering professionals with the skills and experience necessary to contribute on day one. 

Much of the board’s work is conducted through committees, each offering ideas and recommendations in areas such as undergraduate and graduate curriculum, alumni relations, and ways to better connect industry with research at Oregon State. 

Members are also some of the school’s biggest advocates when it comes to encouraging others to support MIME.

“One of the biggest impacts we are currently working on is to make Dam Proud Day even more successful than it was last year,” Sarazin said. Dam Proud Day is an annual, 24-hour online fundraising event dedicated to building a better, stronger, more influential Oregon State University. In addition to championing the effort, the board is helping to develop messages that will resonate with Beavers in industry.

Members get personal benefits in addition to the mutual benefits to the school and companies, Sarazin said.

“There is a special connection we have with each other through our shared education and work experiences,” he said. “That connection is enhanced as we partner with MIME to continuously improve the school for future engineers.”

Learn more about the MIME IAB and its members at We welcome inquiries about membership from any company willing to commit their time, interest, and financial support. Please contact Lynn Ekstedt ( for additional information.

Photo of industry representatives and students talking
March 16, 2020