Beck awarded DOE fellowship

peter beck

Peter Beck, doctoral student in mechanical engineering.

Peter Beck, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering, has been awarded a three-year fellowship through the United States Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program.

Beck received one of just 33 graduate fellowships for students pursuing nuclear energy-related disciplines.

“This funding will allow me to continue my studies and pursue the technology to make nuclear energy safer, more efficient and less environmentally impactful than ever before,” said Beck.

His research focuses on next-generation nuclear energy and its potential for increased efficiency and safety. “This increased energy production will lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, both foreign and domestic, ” said Beck. “My research is focused on finding suitable materials to build these plants and predicting their operation lifetime.”

Beck is advised by Julie Tucker, College of Engineering Dean’s Professor and associate professor of materials science.

Robots in a lab.
May 18, 2020

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