Connect with a welcoming and vibrant community

Portrait of Subisha Sundaram

“One thing that’s really helped me is the communities that I’m part of on campus. That sense of community played a really important role in my staying within the College of Engineering. That’s something I am passionate about and try to encourage other students to become a part of.” 
Subisha Sundaram, radiation health physics

Be energized by our vibrant community

We are having a positive impact in the world and having fun while doing it.

  • It can start with living in an engineering-specific residence hall on campus where you have access to a makerspace and engineering specific activities. Here you can find support and build friendships with other engineering students.  
  • Get to know your classmates while you work on team projects.
  • Work together on a common goal with friends across campus in over 400 student organizations. You can find a community with groups that support a diverse spectrum of identities and backgrounds such as the engineering focused affinity organizations and the cultural resource centers; build networks and connect with companies through student chapters of professional societies; and hone engineering skills through student competitions that tackle real-world challenges. 
  • Contribute to the culture of the College of Engineering through the Engineering Student Council. The group organizes events, supports student clubs, and works with the College of Engineering administration to make sure that student concerns are heard.
  • Join the Oregon State community committed to inclusive excellence and dismantling systemic racism

Student experience

Portrait of Sinha Sneha

“I’ve learned so much about realizing my power and using it to create platforms for underheard voices. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do what I’ve done and I’m eternally grateful for that,” said Sneha Sinha, ’20, about her leadership positions in clubs and organizations, including the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.