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Welcome to the Fall 2023 Co-curricular page for Engineering+. Please look through the resources below to learn more about the major options in the College of Engineering. Follow the directions of your instructor for credit, which may include answering some questions about what you learned here.

Some schools have described their in-person activities at the October 26th School Showcase, so you can get a sense of what their school has to offer while you are at OSU.

Biological & Ecological Engineering (BEE)

Welcome to BEE (our program at the undergraduate level is Ecological Engineering). At our School Showcase booth this year, we had a broad representation of our program including students, faculty, and staff. Our student group, Ecological Engineering Student Society presented information about their club, plans for the year (fall plans include working on the aquaponics setup in the club greenhouse), and how to get involved! Our faculty presented several research posters, answered students’ questions about the work we do, and showed off some models including our mobile flume! Our flume can demonstrate a variety of natural and manmade situations that occur in streams and rivers. Participants had a chance to see the flume in action, make predictions, and learn about how water moves through the environment. Finally, our program loves to advocate and have fun! We had a cotton candy machine setup for students to grab a sweet treat AND we made buttons to promote ecological principles! Save the EARTH!

BEE Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

BEE Homepage

This year, we are also piloting a wonderful program called Mentor Collective! Mentor Collective is designed to provide mentorship and we are pairing industry mentors with our undergraduates for the duration of their degree program. We are the only engineering major on campus that provides this type of support. You can learn more about Mentor Collective here: Learn more

Learn more about our major here:

Ecological Engineering

Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE)

Welcome to CBEE (Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering). Our School emphasizes the integration of chemical, biological, and environmental engineering principles and practice in a student-centered learning environment to provide work-ready graduates and technical solutions for a sustainable future. At the School Showcase, we demonstrated some of our broad focus areas using a fuel cell car, solar cells, a human spine model, and water processing. In addition, we had other hands-on activities such as paper recycling, absorption with super absorbent polymers, and alginate gel beads.

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CBEE Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

CBEE Homepage

Learn more about our majors here:

Bioengineering Chemical Engineering Environmental Engineering

Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE)

Welcome to Civil and Construction Engineering, along with Architectural Engineering! We work toward developing engineers who will build the next generation of our world. The global need for civil, construction, and architectural engineers will only continue to grow in the coming century. Earning an Oregon State degree will give you the tools you need to make a dramatic impact on our built environment, our society, and our planet.

Our applied programs are about putting knowledge to practice. Industry-sponsored capstone projects and courses taught by industry professionals add a distinct flavor to our rich academic environment. We had several hands on activities, research posters and student clubs in attendance at the in-person Corvallis event.

Check out the story below to see how the Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management grads have contributed to the renovation of Reser Stadium

CCE Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

CCE Homepage

View our majors here:

Architectural Engineering Civil Engineering Construction Engineering Management 

Construction Engineering Management (Ecampus Option)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Undergraduate programs in electrical and computer engineering and computer science focus on hands-on learning to prepare students for success in professional practice, advanced studies, and research.

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EECS Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

EECS Homepage 

Learn more about our majors here:

Electrical Engineering Computer Science Computer Science (Ecampus Option)

Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)

The School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering has a wide range of majors and minors at the undergraduate level.  Mechanical engineering focuses on designing and developing all types of devices and systems that move. As an ME you could be at the forefront of the world's most exciting industries, including aerospace, automotive, robotics, biotechnology, and energy systems.  Industrial engineering blends physical and social sciences knowledge with engineering principles. As an IE you could design, implement, manage, and enhance complicated organizational processes and systems that involve people, materials, information, equipment, energy, and other components.  Industrial engineers work in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to distribution, transportation and service industries. Other minors, concentrations, and certificates in MIME include aerospace, humanitarian, robotics, material science, and manufacturing engineering.

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MIME Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

MIME Homepage

Learn more about our majors here:

Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Ecampus Option) 

Nuclear Science Engineering (NSE)

Dr. Gutowska’s graduate students displayed a model of the BWR I-Loop test train that will be installed in the INLs ATR nuclear reactor. You can find a pdf of the model here and you can learn more about her research from our website.

Dr. Yang’s graduate students brought Spot, the radiation detection “dog”. Students were able to see Spot in action, and even drive it for fun. You can learn more about his detection work here.

Our large-scale test facilities, renowned faculty, and excellent student-to-faculty ratio make for a unique and rewarding experience. With one of 31 operating research reactors in the U.S., our school offers opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experience in the field. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs with abundant research opportunities in nuclear engineering and radiation health physics. Our radiation health physics program traces its roots back to the 1960s and today produce more graduates than any comparable program in the nation.

Check out the story below about an NSE grad student’s work at Idaho National Lab

NSE Resources

If you’d like to get more information or learn more about our program:

NSE Homepage

Learn more about our majors here:

Nuclear Engineering Radiation Health Physics

OSU Cascades

Earn an Oregon State University degree at OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon and take your future anywhere. Our growing campus offers traditional majors as well as degrees not offered in Corvallis. Outside of the classroom, our location in Bend gives us an edge for outdoor activities.

Energy systems engineering combines engineering fundamentals, energy-focused technical classes, basic science and math, and business management courses. In ESE you will be part of a community of students and faculty at the Cascades campus dedicated to positively improving the world through cutting-edge research and education.

Check out the majors below provided at OSU Cascades:

Energy Systems Engineering Computer Science Engineering Science Outdoor Products