Tier I Industry Research Options

Small-Scope Analysis, Design, or Testing Project

Investment: $5,000 donation plus expenses.

For more information, contact John Parmigiani, MIME Director of Industry Research and Outreach.





Additional Information

MIME Capstone Design Project

Great way to get a fresh look at a design problem and generate new ideas.

Design improvements to parts packaging machine for flexible medical splints

One or more 3-person teams of ME, IE, and/or MfgE seniors. Some projects may also involve other engineering majors

Concurrent with 20-week capstone design sequence (fall and winter terms, October–March)

Project must be appropriate for 20-week scope and involve product or process design and implementation. Sponsoring organization assigns project mentor. Project proposals accepted spring/early summer. Details in MIME Capstone Project Brochure.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Project

Design or research project completed by a motivated, high-achieving undergraduate

Solar-powered snow-melting device to provide water to mountain climbers

Honors College junior or senior, supervised by faculty advisor

Project start date varies by student. Completion may require a year or more.

Project constitutes student's Honors College thesis, so project specifications, scope, and schedule must fit Honors College requirements.

Short-term Graduate Student Project

Fast, cost-effective means of completing a small-scale research or design project 

FEA analysis of a steel injection-molding die


Graduate student with limited faculty supervision


Flexible start date

Project specifications, scope, and schedule are determined by sponsor, graduate student, and faculty supervisor.

Service Testing

Means of accessing specialized test equipment at OSU

Cryogenic material property testing of Niobium


Faculty member or graduate student

Flexible start date

Provides the use of university equipment to perform testing of sponsor’s specimens. Expenses based on university fee book.