Safety in the Machining & Products Realization Lab

The MIME Machining & Products Realization Laboratory has some of the latest technologies and equipment available for students, faculty and staff to utilize.

We are rigorous in our efforts to ensure that precautions and safeguards are in place to protect users of this equipment from being injured. Both the equipment and facility must be treated with the utmost respect for safety. Safety equipment such as: eye protection, ear protection, gloves, aprons and face shields are available for use.

  • Safety glasses and close-toed shoes are required upon entry into either shop.
  • Training on equipment safety and usage is available and required before a student is allowed to operate the machinery.
  • Students are required to clean up their equipment and surrounding area when finished working in the shops.

Below are links to additional safety resource guides at Oregon State University

OSU Environmental Health and Safety

OSU Safety Concern Report

OSU Safety Manual