Academic Performance Standards for MIME Graduate Students

Grade Point Average

School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering graduate students are expected to maintain a GPA of at least 3.00 as follows:

  • Every quarter they are registered at Oregon State University;
  • In each of their major and minor fields; and
  • In their overall cumulative GPA at Oregon State University.

Failure to meet these standards is considered grounds for terminating program enrollment.

Satisfactory Progress

Satisfaction of the GPA requirements noted above does not in itself constitute satisfactory progress toward  a graduate degree. Students must also file a program of study with the OSU Graduate School in a timely manner and must satisfactorily complete all course and thesis work listed on that program of study in a reasonable period of time (normally one year for the MEng degree, two years for the MS degree, and five years for the PhD).

Academic Performance Review and Disciplinary Action

Each term, the graduate faculty in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and materials science review the performance and progress of all current graduate students. Students who fail to meet the academic performance standards for their program will be sent a letter of notification and will be given two terms to rise to the expected performance standards. Those who fail to do so will be dismissed from the program. Any student whose academic performance falls below standards a second time also will be dismissed from the program.

Course Load

Graduate students may take up to 16 credits per term, and the number for which they do enroll should be commensurate with their use of university and/or school space, facilities, and faculty time during that term. Students using any university resource (including a classroom for their oral defense) must be registered for at least three graduate credit hours during the term in which that resource is used.