Engage with MIME Students

Engineering student working on SpaceX machine with faculty member.

Industry members have many options for interacting with MIME students, making a difference in their college experience, and helping them develop into outstanding members of the US and global engineering community. For example, you can:

  • Sponsor an MIME Capstone Design project. Industry-Sponsored MIME Capstone Design Projects [download a summary PDF] provide outstanding real-world learning opportunities for MIME seniors – and they are also winning arrangements for the sponsoring organizations.
  • Engage an MIME graduate student researcher. We offer industry a host of options for tapping into the School's research expertise, and talented graduate students are often major players in these partnerships. For more information, please visit our Industrial Research Collaborations pages.
  • Provide student internships. Many companies choose to participate in the College of Engineering's MECOP Program, which places qualified students in 6-month internships with MECOP member organizations. If other kinds of internships better suit your company's needs, we encourage you to post such opportunities on Handshake, OSU's centralized career-management resource.
  • Create a named scholarship or fellowship. Industry-sponsored scholarships and fellowships helps us attract and retain a talented and diverse student body in the School of MIME – and they also raise the sponsoring company's profile with our students and faculty. For more information, visit the OSU Foundation's Scholarships page.
  • Make a monetary gift to support ongoing MIME program development or an in-kind donation of equipment, software, or instructional support for one of the hands-on, laboratory-based MIME courses that help make our students work-ready. To discuss potential in-kind donations, please contact Aaron Kerosky, at the OSU Foundation.
  • Work with one of the MIME student professional societies (e.g., ASME, IIE, SAE, SME) to arrange a chapter-hosted engineering presentation or company info session for MIME students. To connect with chapter officers, contact MIME Industry Relations.