Tips and Tricks in Completing the Proposal Submission form

For All Projects:
  • Make the project description fun and interesting! You are essentially selling your project idea to the students to have them select it. The more excited you sound in describing it, the more excited they’ll get about tackling it!
  • Often projects with too many or too few project requirements are not selected as Top Choices. This is why we now have a Stretch Goals section - it will help break up the amount of information the students are taking in.

For Industry projects:
  • Consider these student capstone projects as a 20-week unique R&D project, where the design team can go in directions that perhaps your company typically does not consider! This is where creative solutions flourish.
  • Consider using a junior/new employee to help be the main Project Sponsor Point of Contact. It’s a great way to increase their mentorship skills!
  • Industry Partners that provide a sustaining donation to the program will be given priority on which cohort their project will be fielded under.

For Faculty-led projects:
  • Emphasize how important and fascinating the work your research group is doing! This really helps with the motivation of the students interested in your project.
  • Feel free to use a dedicated GTA/GRA as a mentor to the project. It provides them valuable mentorship skills!
  • If you have any capstone students who you’ve already “pre-selected” to be on the project, please note that in the final question that asks if there is anything else you’d like to add.