Accelerated Master's Platform

Motivated undergraduates have "the in" to attend graduate school here in the School of MIME – students on the Accelerated Master's Platform are granted automatic admission to grad school with 1) the successful completion of their B.S. degree and a 3.25 GPA, and 2) a 3.00 GPA in the courses that will apply to graduate engineering studies. 

AMP: A Path to Earning a Master of Engineering Degree in One Year

The Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP)  is an academic track that benefits motivated undergraduates by creating a path to a Master's degree as soon as one year after receiving a bachelors of science from Oregon State. If you've thought about graduate studies in engineering, you should consider the advantages AMP offers.

Complete information about how to apply and specific requirements for Accelerated Master's Platform is hosted on the Oregon State University Graduate School web pages. MIME has AMP participating programs with our mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science and robotics graduate programs.

The MIME AMP academic advisor is Lynn Paul, Head Advisor, MIME Graduate Programs; please contact her with questions about the program.

The Accelerated Master's Platform is a great opportunity and a great fit for:

  • Students who have a 3.25 GPA or better throught 105 credits at OSU.
  • Students who desire to take graduate-level courses as senior electives.
  • Students who know they are planning to go to graduate school at Oregon State University.
  • Students interested in finishing a master’s degree in engineering in as little as one year past their BS degree.
  • Students who have been encouraged by a research professor to consider engineering grad school.
  • Honors College students who might like to extend their undergraduate research into a graduate degree opportunity.