ENGAGE in a hands-on grand challenge and an outstanding experiential learning opportunity, where students address technical engineering projects in an inclusive, supportive environment among peers and mentors — for fun or for credit. This is an opportunity to earn technical elective credit by completing a hands-on project (launch a rocket, design an algorithm, or build a tractor mechanism). Talk with your advisor about registering for the ENGAGE program technical elective.

We have three grand challenges within the ENGAGE program:

1. Space Race

Let's be the first university to launch a liquid-fuel rocket!

Partner with the Oregon Space Grant to hear from guest speakers and work together to launch a rocket to the edge of space.

Student holding a rocket.
A health worker giving a patient a shot.

2. Smart Tool

Design a life-saving decision support tool to allocate emergency resources.

We will develop an algorithm that will help the Oregon Health Authority strategically allocate resources after a natural disaster.

3. Victory Garden

Develop and optimize the most energy-efficient tractor on planet earth.

We will invent new tools for expanding an open-source "appropriate technology" platform of optimally energy-efficient tractors.

Two tractors in the field.

More Information

  • MIME Community Canvas Site: Look for "ENGAGE" notices
  • Register for ME 406 (CRN 30208) or IE 406* (CRN 30192). This is offered at 2 credits in Winter 2023 and 2 credits in Spring 2023, in order to equate to a 4-credit tech elective.
    • * IE 406 credit dependent on review and approved on an individual basis.
  • Email Mark McGuire with questions: mark.mcguire@oregonstate.edu