Geomatics Equipment

3D Laser Scanning

OSU owns and operates a Riegl VZ-400 terrestrial laser scanner, capable of gathering up to 125,000 measurements per second. In addition, OSU partners with Leica Geosystems and David Evans and Associates to use state-of-the art Leica scanners, as needed. 

Survey Equipment

Thanks to Leica and DEA, OSU has a ten Leica 1200 series Robotic Total Stations (soon to be upgraded to Viva series), five of which have smart station capabilities with GNSS.  In addition, there are several Leica DNA-03 and DNA-10 digital levels along with both sectioned fiberglass and single piece invar rods allowing for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd order work to be carried out.


OSU has 5 Leica GNSS receivers, a Trimble R8 GNSS receiver with a cellphone to connect to Oregon's RTK network, a TopCON Hyperlite+ GNSSS receiver, as well as equipment to setup a GPS base station for differential and RTK GPS.

Computing Labs

In addition to the computing labs offered by CCE, OSU Civil Engineering Geomatics has two dedicated computing labs.  A graduate lab contains seven high power graphics workstations (Quad Core processors, 24+ GB RAM, 1GB+ dedicated video RAM) with dual monitors for processing LIDAR data.  These computers are equipped with the latest in LIDAR, GIS, and other geomatics software.  The Photogrammetry Lab contains several computers with ERDAS Imagine software. 

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