Facility Access

The Biomedical Prototyping and Characterization Facility is a user facility for biomedical device development.

Required Trainings for Users

Users are required to complete the following trainings before accessing the facility:

  1. OSU Laboratory Safety Training Program (version for students only)
  2. OSU Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  3. Johnson Hall Systems Training

Upon completion, please send documentation (i.e., a screenshot of your EH&S training record and the Johnson Hall Systems Training certificate) by email to faculty research associate Dr. Mohammad Azizian, specifying the equipment you are interested in.

Once Dr. Azizian has added you to the list of facility users, email the appropriate faculty contact (see table below) to complete equipment-specific training and learn how to access the equipment calendar to reserve time.

After equipment-specific training has been completed, you will be added to a list of authorized users for that equipment and can access the facility by checking out a keycard from office coordinator Jennifer Goldman in the CBEE main office on the first floor of Johnson Hall. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Equipment Contact Location
3D printer - Form 3BL Elain Fu Johnson 308A
3D printer - CADworks3D M 50 Elain Fu Johnson 308A
Injection molding machine Skip Rochefort Johnson 308A
Bioprinter Kaitlin Fogg Johnson 314A
Nanoimprinter Lithography Larry Cheng Johnson 314A
Parylene deposition system Matt Johnston Johnson 314A
PDMS fabrication (mixer and spin coater) Matt Johnston Johnson 314
Shelf-style freeze dyer Adam Higgins Johnson 314
Flow Cytometer Morgan Giers Johnson 314A
Cell sorter Maude David Johnson 314A
Multi-mode plate reader Adam Higgins Johnson 314
Circular dichroism Joe Baio Johnson 202C
Optical profilometer Matt Johnston Johnson 308A
Environmental chamber with glovebox Elain Fu Johnson 314