Biomedical Prototyping and Characterization Facility

The Biomedical Prototyping and Characterization Facility is a user facility for biomedical device development. This facility, established in 2021, builds on Oregon State University’s strengths in biomedical engineering, including micro- and nano-fabrication, biosensors, and medical diagnostics. It is intended to promote interdisciplinary collaboration by providing unique experimental capabilities and co-locating device fabrication and characterization tools in one shared, integrated facility. 

Housed in Johnson Hall, a state-of-the-art building that includes wet labs designed for working with cells and biomolecules, the new facility adds laboratory spaces dedicated to device prototyping/validation, cell and biomolecule characterization, and surface analysis. Combined with existing research infrastructure — including the Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility and the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute — the Biomedical Prototyping and Characterization Facility creates a strong foundation for the continued growth of biomedical technology research and development at Oregon State and with regional partner universities.

Scientist sitting at a computer and lab equipment

Support for the facility comes from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust.


For general questions about use of the facility, please contact Mohammad Azizian, faculty research associate. 

How to gain access?

Information about how to gain access to the facility and required training can be found here


Instrument Internal cost per unit External cost per unit Unit
Form 3BL 3D Printer $20 $26


Cadworks3D M50 3D Printer $20 $26


Nanoimprinter $20 $40



Parylene deposition system $38 $113


Bioprinter $20 $50 h
Shelf style freeze dryer $20 $30 run
PDMS mixer and spin coater $8 $15 run
Injection molding $20 $30 h
SH800 cell sorter $40 $150 h
CytoFLEX flow cytometer $35 $90 h
FlexStation plate reader $20 $35 h
Optical profilometer $20 $53 h
CD spectrometer $37 $65 h