Undergraduate Curriculum

CBEE offers B.S. and H.B.S degrees in bioengineeringchemical engineering, and environmental engineering. Each of our engineering majors is rooted from the process engineering principles of chemical engineering. These majors are each 192 credits total and take approximately 4-5 years to complete.

CBEE Curriculum & Degree Requirements

Starting in the 2021-22 academic year, CBEE undergraduate major curricula are changing to align with a new first-year engineering orientation and computation series. In conjunction, new BIOE courses are being rolled out as part of an overhaul of our BIOE major curriculum. Students should follow the curriculum plan that is based on their term of admission and progression through degree requirements. If you have questions about which curriculum applies to you, please contact our advising team.

Advising Guides & Policies

Below are advising guides for each of our B.S. programs. These guides include information about course requirements and prerequisites, a sample 4-year plan, and information about advising and career services. 

Curriculum Guides for Multiple Engineering Cooperative (MECOP) Students

The MECOP program offers two six-month internships for chemical or environmental engineering students and is a five-year bachelor's degree program. Below are guides for the course requirements and sample course plans for CHE and ENVE students in the MECOP internship program.

Transfer Students

CBEE Advisors offer additional resources for transfer students interested in CBEE majors. Please visit our Transfer Students page, which includes transfer guides, course plans, and course articulation information for students transferring from an Oregon community college.

Premedical Curriculum Information

Many of our bioengineering students in CBEE are also on a premedical track. The premedical track requires additional courses for admission to medical school. CBEE's Head Undergraduate Advisor, is also our premedical advisor. If you have questions about pursuing medicine, please email or book an appointment with CBEE's Head Undergraduate Advisor.