Bioengineering Graduate Program Faculty

Students in the joint PhD program can select faculty mentors at Oregon State University (listed below) or at the University of Oregon. At this time, MS students can only select faculty mentors from OSU.


Associate Professor


Interests: Biomaterials, biomimetics, molecular self-assembly

Associate Professor


Interests: Robotics and human control systems



Interests: Mechanisms of pathogenesis of intracellular bacteria, with focus on mycobacteria

Interim Dean of the College of Science

(541) 737-2609

Associate Professor


Interests: Biological systems, systems biology, systems neuroscience, and cognitive science

Associate Professor

(541) 737-8218

Interests: Nanomaterials and integrated biosensors for point-of-care testing


(541) 737-9927

Interests: Biomagnetic applications, magneto-acoustics, magnetic metrology, 3D printed magnetic materials, spintronics

Assistant Professor

(541) 737-1777

Interests: The Fogg Lab aims to develop and exploit high throughput in vitro 3D models of cancer in order to identify novel druggable targets, improve treatment selection of current therapeutics, and reprogram the immune system in the metastatic niche

Associate Professor

(541) 737-1062

Interests: Biosensing and microfluidics for field-use applications

Assistant Professor

(541) 737-0961

Interests: Predicting treatment outcomes for intervertebral disc regenerative and surgical therapies., Interests: Utilizing MRI, image processing, mathematical modeling, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and surgery to study transport phenomena in vivo.



Interests: Novel approaches to predictive toxicology

Associate Professor


Interests: Structure, function and mechanisms of action of non-coding RNAs, both large and small.


(541) 737-6245

Interests: Technologies for long-term stabilization of cells, tissues and organs; microfluidic devices for chemical processing of blood.


(541) 737-4694

Interests: RNA folding, RNA design, mRNA medicine, protein folding, protein design

Associate Professor

(541) 737-3320

Interests: Electronic sensors, circuits, and devices, with an emphasis on biosensor and bioelectronic platforms, massively-parallel sensing, and lab-on-chip technologies for medical monitoring and point-of-care diagnostics.


(541) 737-3614; alt: (541) 737-2981

Interests: Design, manufacturing, and application of microscale-based therapeutic devices. Continuous blood processing via the i-Blood platform, a wearable, high-performance microfluidic device.

Associate Professor


Interests: Occupational ergonomics and biomechanics.

Assistant Professor

Interests: Our lab integrates noninvasive observational and analytical technology with tissue analysis to: , Interests: 1. better understand pathophysiology of chronic disease and injury conditions, Interests: 2. advance preclinical model assessment for better translational efficacy, and , Interests: 3. understand and minimize experimental bias

Associate Professor


Interests: Health and wellbeing of typically developing children and children with disabilities.

Courtesy Appointment


Interests: Our research is centered around 4 major themes that include: 1) designing nanoscale materials for biomedical and environmental applications , Interests: 2) studying nanoparticle-biological interactions and nanotoxicology, Interests: 3) developing diagnostic assays and systems to monitor disease states and therapeutic response, Interests: 4) systems for imaging and targeted drug delivery

Associate Professor


Interests: The Philmus lab is interested in the natural products, aka secondary metabolites, produced by both microorganisms and plants.

Associate Professor

(541) 737-5609

Interests: Reverse engineering gene regulatory networks; genetic variation and its effect on gene expression and gene regulation; atherosclerosis; cancer.

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering


Interests: Rheological, molecular, thermal, and surface characterization of polymer-based biomaterials and biomedical devices

Associate Professor


Interests: Using gut microbiomes to understand, diagnose, and treat chronic diseases



Interests: Robotics and machine learning