Heidi Kloefkorn

Portrait of Heidi Kloefkorn.

Heidi Kloefkorn

Assistant Professor
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
316F Johnson Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering - University of Florida, 2016
B.S. Biomedical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011

We want to understand how individualized sleep quality interrelates with chronic joint degeneration, pain, and disability. We do this in preclinical rodent models by examining the complex changes that happen throughout the joint (including cartilage, bone, and synovium), the changes that happen throughout the body (including nervous system plasticity and changes in pain sensitivity), and how these changes affect pain- and sleep-related behaviors (including locomotion patterns, sleep quality, and homecage activity) within the context of the individual as a whole with unique needs and biology (including sex-specific features and variable pathogenesis). We also fabricate cutting edge technology and automated analytics to capture these measures noninvasively and continuously to provide the richest data for effective clinical translation. Ultimately, our goal is to train the next generation of scientists that will ​change how we leverage preclinical models to study chronic joint diseases and how we treat these disorders.