Renewable Energy core coursework

Graduate students in Renewable Energy (secondary option only) at Oregon State University must complete:

  I. Eight credits of technical electives from:

CE 630   Ocean Wave Mechanics I (3)
CE 639   Dynamics of Ocean Structures (3)
CE 647   Ocean and Coastal Engineering Measurements (3)

CHE 550 Conventional and Alternative Energy Systems (3)
CHE 551 Solar Energy Technologies (3)
CHE 552 (Electrochemical Energy Systems (3)

ECE 530 Contemporary Energy Applications (4)
ECE 532 Dynamics of Electromechanical Energy Conversion (4)
ECE 533 Power Systems Analysis (4)

ME 543  Renewable Energy: Thermal Fluid Systems (4)

  II. Four credits of technical electives from:

PS 573  US Energy Policy (4)
PS 578  Renewable Energy Policy (4)

  III. Any additional courses in the Renewable Energy area deemed necessary by your advisor

Please refer to the OSU Catalog and the MIME Course Listings for additional courses that are offered by MIME and other relevant programs. Note that some courses are “slash” courses (e.g. ME 412/512) and are listed with their 400-level course number first. For graduate student programs of study, only courses taken at the 500-level or above may be used, and no more than 49 percent of the 500-level courses may be taken as “slash” courses.